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Thursday, September 1, 2011

He Sells Sea Shellys by the He Shore

Bon soir, Shelly.  I grew more fondly for her bowlegged baseballing demeanor as houseguests twiddled down, the whole "playing" thing vs. "sitting around in velour sweatsuits or hilarious tshirts referencing bacon*appletini*90210" otherthing.  This is the second comp this week they've thrown to Rachel. The feeds are down so word is yet in whether she has won the 13-minute competition but given her attendance record, perseverance, and positive post-Brendonjeff attitude, I duck as I type this:  Team Rachel.  Porsche's HoH blog proves that she mostly wanted a vacation, Jordan's goodbye to Shelly, wow, what a [floating] bitch,  Adam, what a floating bitch, and Kalia---don't even.  In other news, Big "Clown Shoes" Jeff argues things like "It wasn't a 'what if' situation Brendon, the clown shoe was there, like what if I had just looked to the side and found it."

Words in: Rachel won.

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