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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


....ah?  I thought there was a telethon last Sunday, I didn't realize there was a nomination episode.  Still thru the miracle of Big Brother Spoilers I was pretty much kept up to date, but it still was a surprise to learn that BB's Otev morphed from a last year's giant clam to a fe-man eating shark.  As if Adam wins anything, and as if cinched leopard print covers a Chegnant ass, I'm sorry.  P.S. Jeff, sorry you didn't convert Shelly to heteroism but it's no reason to make yourself look like more Jake La Mottish.  I guess Adam still won HoH and is in the final 3.  Would he survive an endurance comp? Against a group of people that doesn't include Kalia,hallelujah? Prollyzno. Rachel will probably advance this round, who might she take to the final two?  Jordan's previous win might guarantee her a second place against anyone, Porsche/Adam's performance might guarantee them a second place against anyone. Still, only Julie Chen knows......

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  1. Sundays episode although telethoned taped for us at 2 AM Monday. Who knew. They must have an online show, too late now I guess.