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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Woulda Thunk It

Rachel Reilly wins $500k in Big Brother 13, she can now outclass herself with a new shade of red, maybe address that skin condition, and also dump Brendon. All of me is happy that Adam won $000k, he's more delusional than Kalia, anyone whose claim to fame is BB Superfan and votes the way he did is a brat and deserves a beating. Poor Daniele took on a beating herself, her father is a certified horse's ass, Kalia had no business blaming the deficit in her gameplay on Daniele, and I'm not sure Jeff deserves $25k for continuing to misunderstand how Big Brother works. Bravo to Jordan for voting the way she did, same to Shelly, nothing against Porsche it's just that Rachel was the kind of player who thought about the game constantly and therefore was more deserving, imho. And is it just me or is Julie getting a little too liberal with the crazed "I NEED AN ANSWER!" hosting style, gawd!

Anyways, thanks for taking the leisure tour, see you next year,
The other Rachel (Libbytown)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Julie Chen: News Homosapien

I've never seen Julie Chen's other string-of-pearls from Les Moonves, The Talk on CBS, but I just read that she was pissing everyone off with statements like "my husband feels strongly that you should not be talking about news [without me], you are not news people," according to the NY Post. Ha!  Bitch.  Two co-hosts, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete were reportedly not asked back to Season 2 (i.e., do not cross Mrs. Moonves) but the Wikipedia confirms that Melissa Jaret Winokur is part of The Talk, which probably explains her DWTS-like live audience appearance in last Thursday's live eviction show (of course, Marissa was also a contestant on DWTS, but nevermind that, DWTS has way more celebs in their audience, I think this is the first I've seen for Big Brother.  Nice touch, Ceebs.)

 Julie Chen eats the flesh of non-news people.

Apparently there was no Sunday episode last night due to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (why wasn't Julie covering that) but I can say that Adam gets more useless the cockier he gets.  First place loser, baby.  Can't wait!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bye Jordan

Often, often I think about how well composed the evictees present themselves on Julie baggy-black-pantsuit-with-unnecessary-belly-hidin'-cue-cards-wearin' Chen's couch, until tonight, Jordan was reaaaaallly nervous!  Pardon my muuuaaahhahhahaaaaa.  Not sorry to see her lose to Porsche (muuaaaahhahhhaahaaahhaa) and *shocker* Adam's fallen off the butterejaculating machine.  Hangin' on for more news...!

...not even 10:45pm, Rachel wins.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


....ah?  I thought there was a telethon last Sunday, I didn't realize there was a nomination episode.  Still thru the miracle of Big Brother Spoilers I was pretty much kept up to date, but it still was a surprise to learn that BB's Otev morphed from a last year's giant clam to a fe-man eating shark.  As if Adam wins anything, and as if cinched leopard print covers a Chegnant ass, I'm sorry.  P.S. Jeff, sorry you didn't convert Shelly to heteroism but it's no reason to make yourself look like more Jake La Mottish.  I guess Adam still won HoH and is in the final 3.  Would he survive an endurance comp? Against a group of people that doesn't include Kalia,hallelujah? Prollyzno. Rachel will probably advance this round, who might she take to the final two?  Jordan's previous win might guarantee her a second place against anyone, Porsche/Adam's performance might guarantee them a second place against anyone. Still, only Julie Chen knows......

Thursday, September 1, 2011

He Sells Sea Shellys by the He Shore

Bon soir, Shelly.  I grew more fondly for her bowlegged baseballing demeanor as houseguests twiddled down, the whole "playing" thing vs. "sitting around in velour sweatsuits or hilarious tshirts referencing bacon*appletini*90210" otherthing.  This is the second comp this week they've thrown to Rachel. The feeds are down so word is yet in whether she has won the 13-minute competition but given her attendance record, perseverance, and positive post-Brendonjeff attitude, I duck as I type this:  Team Rachel.  Porsche's HoH blog proves that she mostly wanted a vacation, Jordan's goodbye to Shelly, wow, what a [floating] bitch,  Adam, what a floating bitch, and Kalia---don't even.  In other news, Big "Clown Shoes" Jeff argues things like "It wasn't a 'what if' situation Brendon, the clown shoe was there, like what if I had just looked to the side and found it."

Words in: Rachel won.