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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sob Story

TS Irene knocked power out of the nation of Libbytown, but we're back on the grid and keeping a close eye on any pet rabbits now that Glenn-Close-I-mean-Jordan realizes that Daniele gets to spend more of the summer with Jeff than she does.  Local BB math analysts have commented that after the Double Elimination episode, that this is when to kick it into gear, that in this game it is best to just lay low until now and then start winning comps (hi Porsche.)  Not that Porsche should win, but that this is what is happening, that Lawon surrendered himself and that other big players make big targets.  For all of Jordan's tears and resurfacing venom, I think it's worthwhile to note that she blamed Jeff's assholism on his being from the Northern United States and that Shelly agreed, but it is of my opinion that Shelly is now worthy of the winning title, that she entered the game playing, that Rachel also entered the game playing but she's tads too Rachel, that Jordan should have never entered the house and that she was just living her half-million life, that Adam is a kissass, that Porsche got Nutella'd and confused, and that Kalia is just too maddeningly pleased with herself for Libby Me to deal.  Nervous about this week's duo twist, would hate to continue to lose the house's best players 2 weeks in a row!

I know, Shelly.  Whose ego could ever be as easy to stroke as Jeff's???

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