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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Night Profile


In tonight's episode Lawon reminds viewers that he is a competitor, just as we viewers "know." This might not mean he can move his ski hips like a birthworthy BB houseguest, but he sure's got the styyle to bring the HOH Robe back to the airwaves and it's a little unclear whether his Liberace-Soulbrother Coming Out story was meant to encourage CBS-watchin' At Risk Youth of America, or if it was meant for Shelly. Crafty.

Game. Play. 

Elsewise, still rocking on Dani, maybe she's showing a smidge too much pride but she deserves it. Loved it when she told Kalia to "Hey Kalia...Shut up," and how she got Jeff to admit he was swallowing his pride. The BB internet constituents have been weighing her options, now that Male Boo-kie has won the POV. Will he take off himself, will he be Rachel's knight in Penisgate armor, will Daniele backdoor Jeff or put up Jordan opposite Rachel, or will she target Shelly/Lawon in suspicion of their games. Breathlessly waiting to know!

...oh, and was that Jeff NOT staying with Jordan in the Have-Not room all the while bragging about his $10K?? If yes then, dammmn.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Donato for Mayor of Libbytown

Not only did Daniele vote against the Vets, but girl went on a vengeance and won HOH and then delivered Brenchel a Clifford-sized what-fer! when they came groveling to her in the HOH room. Spank! Word on the interweb street is that Daniele is avenging her house/soul mate and breaking up the Vet alliance and is targeting Brenchel. No protests here in Libbytown, but maybe just the slightest evermost hopeful twinkle-wishes that our Mayor Candidate breaks up Jeff/Jordan instead. As dreadful as Brenchel is, they're sort of pitiful in comparison to the seemingly more privileged J/J, and besides, it was Jeff who was so dominant about getting Dom out. But still, respecting Dani in her win and her choices, for now.

And *just*now* Libbytown wire has received word on nominations. Interested readers may click here for more info.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Juryhouse For You

Pillows are a little wetter here in Libbytown tonight, a fond farewell to a casualty of Danielle's overzealous plan which was only put in place to impress Dominic, so really, he still only has his hundreds layers of sexiness to blame. When you look at the stats, Brendon has studied rocket science and owns a non-idiot fiancée, Jordan earns $500k just by lifting her eyebrows a lot, Rachel radiates that impervious Vegas-Irish wizzdumb and Jeff has obviously cow-tipped, so you just can't fight that! Against it as a newbie, you cannot win. Donning black veils for Dominic. Danielle's ~Undying Love~ vote for him is probably going to smart.

Otherly, loving how Kalia thinks people actually care about her game. By only watching the show it appears that she's rocking a floater game, why would she want to jeopardize that by pretending that she's playing. Lawon kinda helps the rumor that black people aren't into skiing, and we regretfully report that Jeff was right, that was a terrible speech.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beware the Unfair

The inherent unfairness of this year's season was a topic of conversation among Libbytownspeople this morning, and a conversation documented by is further evidence of the unfair bias. It is wrong for CBS to throw in past houseguests, among them 2 winners and all of them very invested in and familiar with their partners. Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Danielle, and Dick were each afforded time to think over their previous seasons and their past mistakes and they are completely aware of what BB life is like, the newbies didn't have a chance! The Vet alliance has its cracks and problems, but it's proven to be tremendously strong, like a fist, and the newbies walked in at a complete disadvantage, as seen in this conversation between Jeff, Brendon, and Dominic (ps, if you haven't read any other spoilers, Adam and Dominic are on the block and the reigning HoHurl is also the PoVomit holder):

Jeff and Brendon HOH talking about how awkeard the house is right now. Brendon starts talking about how stupid the other group is, “I just want to win to get these people out.. they don’t deserve to be in this house”. Jeff agrees they call Kalia and Dani stupid a couple dozen times (standard for these guys everyone is a idiot but themselves). Dom joins them, Jeff: “What are you going to do jam a pool que up our asses” Dom laughs says that was last night he came up to talk (Last night Dom played a perfect game of pool) Dom says he knows he’s going home he just wants to clear things up before he goes, “Hands down I never said to backdoor Jeff”. Brendon: “I’ll admit I don’t remember everything perfectly so I don’t know what I heard exactly”. Jeff says it doesn’t matter if Dom said it or not he was all part of it. Jeff thought it was a little suspicious that after the veto was won Dom was acting a bit too relaxed for someone to be on the block. Jeff explains that he wanted to keep Dom 100% but then he started hearing about backdooring Jeff, Dani started to act funny and then Jeff heard that Dom threw the veto and that got him thinking that maybe Something was up. Jeff says they all know who started the backdoor thing, Jeff: “You knew about that plan to backdoor me… why didn’t you say something to me at the time… it easy say hey look Jeff’s my buddy lets not backdoor him”

Dom says he never thought that the backdoor plan would work he just disregarded it.. Dom tries to explain how difficult it would be for Dom to go up and tell Jeff that the house is trying to get him backdoored, “hey Jeff someone is going to backdoor your.. You didn’t trust me if I would of told you that you would of said go fuck off you’re going home”. Dom states that there is no way anyone will get into the final for this year, “You 4 will not crack so the other players are trying to figure it out”
Jeff: “Dude what are the chances that the 4 of us making to the final 4″
Dom: “it’s very good”
Jeff: “Dude Jordan won in our season this is big brother anything can happen”
Dom: “How can you guys tell me that you would pick me over your pairs it’s not going to happen”
Brendon: “You guys all think we’re going to make it to the end”
Dom: “YES you are”
Dom: “Let me get this straight i’m going home because you heard from someone that they wanted to backdoor you and I was friends with that person”
Jeff: “You an accessory to backdooring me…. you should of put a stop to it when Dani suggested it”
Brendon: “What did she tell you.. did she tell you that she was going to get us turn on each other”
Dom: “I’m not going to through her under the bus”
Brendon: “She screwied you over you know that right”
Brendon: “Dani has no chance in this game anymore… if she was such a smart player she should of gotten you all to shut your mouths about backdooring jeff”
Dom: “Last week I would of been gone if I had not won the Veto… I was alone playign a game.. Shelly and Casi were making deals with everyone adam I can’t trust… and you guys didn’t trust me so I needed Dani”
Jeff: “You could of picked us”
Dom: “You guys never trusted me.. Dani was my only way in, I had to get with her so you guys would trust me.” He tries to remind them that he was on the block last week and was suppose to go home because of them.
rachel joins them.
Brendon tells him he should of just gone up to BRJJ as soon as Dani started talking about Backdooring Jeff then we would of taken Dani’s spot in the group. Brendon: “She screwed you man”. Dom sticks to his story says he never thought the plan to Backdoor Jeff was going to happen he thought it was too stupid to actually become a reality.. Dom: “I never said to backdoor Jeff I wanted Lawon gone” Rachel blurts in says that she never heard DOm say that. Dom says he said it on the bed.. Brendon agrees he heard it.

Dom : “Is there any shot in hell that I can mend this”
Brendon and Jeff say they can’t trust Dani anymore nor can they trust dom. Jeff: “dani made the biggest dumbest move in the game and she prides herself to be this great big brother player … she did the stupidest move.. we would be the on the same sheet of paper for dumb moves if we kept you it would go Dani and then us” Dom says that he never thought the whole backdooring thing would come back to him because it was all dani’s idea. Jeff says there’s no way Dom is staying unless he can magically change spaces with Dani which isn’t going to happen… “you gone.”

Real "fair" and the arrogance is impossible, singleton players being chastised for playing the game, please! Jeff, what a tool, proclaiming how idiot bizarre the game is when someone like Jordan can win the same season he played? Boo, CBS! All year long the buzz was that this would be a full-on All-Star season, we're usually fairly forgiving with "The Twist" fails but this one is shameful. Callin' it from the pulpit: SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEE!! Hopefully, L'town's just overreacting over the presumable loss of Dominic and Jeff/Jordan and Brenchel will turn on one another before the Final 4, we'll see.

In other nooz, tomorrow Libbytown's Celebration Department will be busy on a birthday tour for BB friend Laurie (Happy Birthday, Laurie!!!) so there will be no post-show update tomorrow night. Looking forward to Thursday, and to a new HoH!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Hassel with the Relationshit

Eau mah gaude, I can't imagine what it is like in that house, where the constant arguments between two virtuously empty people really are just veiled attempts at croco-tears and more narcissism.  Pass!  Still, it's encouraging to know that even know Rachel needs her dream lycra wedding that she kept her rage in check and made sound nominations for her game, even if it means me-n-Dani's boyfriend might be going home, sob!
 Libbytown Swah-vay!

'Twas yet another episode of Jordan proving that she's not as dumb and innocent as she appears, she was ON that Hasselhoff shit and I can't disagree with her Luxury Comp guest choices, that's what she does, she makes friends with everyone now so that it payzz off later, it's a proven system.

Sunday Night Points-O-Ponder:

Is that a Magen David over Adam's bacon shirt? (Ah-vah!!)

Do they only speak Cynicism on Planet Jeff?

Could there be anything more insufferable than watching someone grovel to Rachel the HOH room as Brendon holds a coffee cup by the handle? (No!)

Was that Zingbot at this year's Comic Con?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's in a Name

Jordan's HOH Blog sounds as Jordan as Jordan can be. It's polite, it displays loyalty to Jeff, and it is very kind to her fellow houseguests. Except, she misspells half their names. In order she lists them as:

Jeff (Spelled correctly)
brandon (His name's Brendon)
Shelly (Spelled correctly, reports horrible guilt for nominating her for eviction)
Rachel (Correctly spelled, strongly aligned, still places after Shelly in HOH blog mentions)
Cassie (Is spelled Cassi, Jordan consistently disarmed her anti-female vibe, here she doesn't give her the satisfaction of spelling her name right)
Lawan (Incorrect, appears she doesn't care how he spells his name)
Kaleigha (Incorrect, appears like a nod to a pageant-princess niece)
Dominique (Incorrect, in English this is a female name)
Adam (Too difficult to misspell this one)
Danny (Odd, this is the male version)
Dick (Self-explanatory)

Curious. Maybe it's a little unreasonable, but misspelling so many names is a little rude, it appears she didn't even attempt Porsche. Can't help but notice that Libbytown's Latent Animosity Meter is pinging, at about 63-68%!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Just a few skipper Thursday Live Show Eviction Night points before the upcoming Kouples Kounseling Korner.

*Brendon needs to learn how to handle his pre-learned thoughts. If people swear on a loved one, he shouldn't have to have the need to prove that he knows they're full of shit. Dumbass.

*Adam feigned his way thru the Julie Chen "aren't you excited your partner won the POV" conversation well. Even on the live broadcast he had no "tell" which way he was leaning (and he was lying.) Adam and his woman seem MFEO which convinces me even more that he's a real person, a real player. I hope he lasts for a while.

*Jeff. Has way more "tells" than Adam, he'll only win to the stupid.

*Dom, is too young. He has so much strength! But something sucks. This whole "virgin" story is as believable as the original one, it's just another strategic fumble. And since this concretely stated never-slept-away "best friend" has categorized his Danielle strategy as "He acts like he likes her, but he's just playing the game..." it's clear to Libbytown that Dominic knows how to manipulate people with sex and (compulsive?) lies. Awkward Painful alert: I think I'd check the child abuse record on this kid.

*Shelly, exposed the hyper-consciousness of her lies by overexplaining the Truth Tenets of her house.
"I Will Not Deceive!"
"I Will Not Lie!"
"I Will Tell Everyone I Tell My Good Southern Daughter That She Will 100 Times Write That She Will Not Fib Because I'm A Big Lying Guilty-Feeling Outdoor-Industry Exec!"

*Jordan. Works people, has the "dumb blonde, floater winner" advantage. Expert listener, works with her caveman boyfriend.

*Dani--Is emotionally fragile right now. She's on the show, she claims she's worried about her dad, she's completely reluctantly obsessed with Dom, and during their hallway live run-in, he nervously rolled off of her when he should have acknowledged her in a more intimate way, and she's now crushed, because she's smart. It will be interesting to see how someone like Danielle handles emotional distress in contrast to how it's handled by the reigning HoHurl.

Cassi--has herself to blame for her eviction, it is clear by her exit Chenterview that she emits strong anti-female undercurrents which, guess what, cause animosity from other females. She mentioned a few too many times that she was a model, done with her, bye bye!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Wow. How dumb can one Rachel be. Libbytown spouses are scribbling out the mathematics, but in the meantime we can analyze Brendon's formula for delivering Rachel constructive criticism:

5 Positives
1 Opportunity for Improvement
5 Positives
Repeat as necessary

Example, in the tone of wimpy pink-attired Brendon:
I love you. You're beautiful. I can't wait to marry you. You're one of the best competitors Big Brother's ever seen.  You know that's true. You've got to stop talking to people that way. I know you love to compete. You can beat anyone out there! Anyone!  It's you and me to the end, baby! You have to play with your head.

Who has the energy for that?? Watching Rachel's DRs is clinically painful, she's got less foresight than a used paper towel and her assessment of Cassi (She's so pretty, but she's just not good at playing this game!) is emptier than I thought possible.  So glad CBS decided to give the slots to these two good and well deserving people!

Jeff has good strategy but his temper totally gets in the way and will hurt him, again.  

Dani is workin' it, objectivity, ambition, and cat venom may get her far.

Once again, BB has left the Soul Perspective to Lawon...and not much else.  It'd be nice if he'd win HOH, just to see something new.

What happened to Brendon's knees??

At last, results are in.  How dumb can one Rachel be?   Mathematical impact reveals:  As dumb as 2 seasons! 

Makes sense, I guess.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Libbytown BBugle

Sunday night episodes make mad ratings.

"Joke's on you, boneheads," reports skullheaded BB houseguest.

Make Your Mark on the Big Brother Game with fun, heartless quiz.

This awesome Alliance Wheel  can be found on this awesome recap.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Houseguest Analysis

Sunday Night show just aired, some Libbythoughts:

Brenchel's game is so pedestrian, especially as they're vets, and Rachel's retelling of that "Porsche's here for a month!" story was predictably favorable toward herself, and sloppy gameplay all around.

Jordan.  This week she's sitting pretty and feeling REALLY good about it, yet her confidence is barely detectable.  I hope Kalia is taking notes on them for her relationship blog (yeah, right), Jordan wins comps mainly to please Jeff, and after he mows over and ignores the question "Were you happy when I won??" she models a black bra-top to give Jeff a preview what things could be like later in the HOH room.  Soooo healthy!

Jeff, he's a little pedestrian too.  DR lines like "Obviously he's on our side---I hope!" are dumb.

Dominic.  Some of his thoughts and theories are a little off--like his trust in Shelly and his skittish attempt at makin' deals with the other side in the HOH room--but Dominic has a lot of raw power.  He got Jeff all jumpy and agitated early in the episode, over-rubbing his feet and stuttering enough to give Dominic the chance to ask "Whut?"  And then "somehow" he was going to get Dani on his and Cassi's side, it wasn't long before we saw what "somehow" meant, Dom insists "the only way" to converse with her was by flirting.  His conversational skills lacked no prowess in that hammock, the newbie turned the vet fanatical, but my favorite Dominic the Dominator moment has to be when he dominated Brendon from a submissive totally gay floor pose.  I'm pretty sure Superbrendon now lives in his back pocket, or at least fantasizes about it.  In the DR Dom mentioned making deals with the devil, I sort of think he is the devil, even his name means "God" which is clearly a dark subliminal joke.  I dunno, he still has a few missteps, maybe he's Devil Jr., either way, Libbytown likey.

Cassi--She's smart, she's confident, she's gonna eff things up if she gets too involved with this Rachel childishness.  As far as I'm concerned, she can stay.


Lawon--Don't care.

Kalia--I'm trying to not give into the petty "luv-2-hate" reaction she gives me.  I can't stand it when overemotional people think they're so smart.  Who trusts a relationship blogger who says things like "Lawon's future grandchildren?"

Adam--I like him better than I did initially, but agree with Jordan's nomination based on not knowing where his head's at.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a Neandertool

Seriously, Bookie, could you be more embarrassing to watch? Also, how did Rachel refer to herself as "beautiful, smart" without cracking up. And why could  neither member of Brenchel conjugate "demasculate?" Because it's not a word?  Oh. And now I'm reading that Brendon pays disproportionate attention to Daniele, wow, what colossal a tool!

Interesting votes made tonight by
*Adam (for Porsche, with the Newbz, rather than for Keith, with "Adam's Angels." <--please!)
*Kalia (for Keith, against the Newbies)
*Shelly (for Keith, with the Vets, like their bitch she [he?] is.)

I was hoping a Newb would win HOH, but alas.  Still, rock on Julie with that Mary Kay pinksuit, what was that??  Sell it gurl!  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CBS Perverts

Sensationalism sometimes is the only news on Libbytown streets, it's not this blog's fault it is forced to report on CBS's obsession with Brenchel, Penisgate, and Brendon's penis. CBS has been promoting the relationship of (fame-crazed, self-loathsome) Brenchel for over a year with reports on their engagement, their Penisgate, and now CBS has provided them easy Week 1 HOH and POV wins so viewers might tune in to their r'ship drama.  When the drama doesn't happen (just a matter of time) the edits from Wednesday's POV competition prompt viewers to question information, like why after Jordan's DR comments on the "one focal point" of the super leotards, we viewers see Keith (Keith's crotch) and Jeff (Jeff's crotch), but we don't see Brendon('s). The Libbytown subconscious wonders, Does Brendon bulge, Google? And then when Brenchel trot around in their supersuits, Brendon incontestably conceals his crotch from cameras.  Yet then we see B&R kunoodle in the shower (he's still a man, remember!) privately, and at last, the cameras follow Brendon's designer-jean'd crotch from the DR to the POV ceremony, coinky-dong?  Obviously CBS wants viewers to Google-bing Brendon's penis, they love Penisgate, what a bunch of pervs!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick Stroll Through the First Week....

Some tidbits lifted from those who are watching the house:

There is a natural Vet v. Newbie division in the house, with lots of Newbie reach toward the Vets.

Shelly puts in a full, manly day's work in the BB house, already bitching herself out to vets and igniting remote fights.  Dominic has also been earning some nods, but feed-viewer confidence seems to be leaning toward Jordan as the winner of BB13.

Brendon is an asshole in the control freakiest sense and decently complements Rachel who, no way!, has a self-esteem problem.

And Keith is the worst BB playah.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Online Edickt

Evel Dick has issued a statement* about his early departure, it takes him 9 minutes to basically say that he's whipped by some insecure woman who has a telephone.

Whether the "very personal" matter is genuine, it's clear that before his dparture Dick had one of the stronger strategies on the floor, aligning with Former HGs and manipulating the newbie (and vet!) fan whores, he's so wormy. Dominic is also onto something, he was able to work with the twist and concoct, and brand, The Regulators...but wait, he didn't know who Daniele was? Oh, and he's also an oily beauhunk 25yo virgin from San Francisco, mm hmm.

Other skimmed thoughts....Daniele doesn't seem committed to the game, but I hope her attitude, and maybe the Maria Shriver look, change. Keith's milk-humping was full of CHARLATAN! I'm curious why they gave the womens prison line for Shelly to say. I wonder if Jordan can fake dumb all the way to the bank, again. Rachel and Brendon are still DUMB!

*This may or may not link to the recorded statement about his departure, there seemed to be some linkplay by at the time of posting.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Methodickal Planning?

Oh God, it's good he's gone, it is too easy, too tempting to manually insert the man's name into every word of the dicktionary, d'oh!! Online readers may still be gasping over Evel Dick's departure, but the Live Feed subscribers know that the show must go on, and thusly gone on have they. There's no Live Feed reception available in the impoverished region of Libbytown, so hereabouts, the departed-Dick gasping gapes on. Naturally the show's fans have been sharing questions and speculations about the exit, and now E.D. has tweeted to bed the popular rumor that he was in jail by posting that he's not, that no one's sick, that he was not kicked off, just that his primary concern was to promote, does he own that site or something? This season's BB jobline featured him as a CEO of an internet venture, or something cheezily similar. Suspect the already-exited, a lot of this reeks of CBS Factory pollution, yet the sight of this video found on Bitchy Big Brother Blog throws me off:

Kindly Rocky Mountain Grampah Dick seems sort of sincere in his newfound summer plans, at all? I guess further tuning-in is needed to form a better opinion. How much of a methodical dick is Dick? Only time will indickate (whuh-oops tell, I meant tell) tell.

Friday, July 8, 2011

There Will Be Spoilers

This is the first and last announced FOMG *%$$%#^SPOILER ALERT!!!*%$$%#^!!! on this blog, the way I see it the show's Live Internet Access absolves any question of ethics so expect a leisurely attitude toward the day-to-day happenin's of the house.  Even so, I still felt eyes-surprised when my eyes fell upon a newslink that 'Big Brother' Housemate 'Evel' Dick Donato Has Left the Show was being reported on the same page as a recap of last night's episode.  Wha haaaapind?  The report indicates that it was a personal matter and that we'll find out the details on Wednesday's episode.

I'm suspicious, why did CBS leak this news? What of the timing of his departure, right after the season premiere, during the Showtime broadcast? Whether this quick in-and-out appearance was engineered by the producers or authentic bratty behavior by a 50yo dick-utante, I don't know. But I do think for some, his bullshit will be missed!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Impression Rose

Tonight was Season 13's premiere, and leisurely here are some first thoughts from Libbytown:

I wanted to find Kalia's relationship blog and was bummed when I couldn't but it seems that I'm not alone, that it's just a matter of a few good Boolean searches, and time, before we all have access to the trainwreck, stay tuned!

I realize it looks a little klanzy, but I'm not feeling Kreepy Klergyman Keith. When you conceal your faith-based profession because you feel others will assume that it makes you look totally judgmental...that's a little klucked up. Who's worse, that "Adam" character, I don't buy his packaged "huggable badass" routine, with the little too many canned sayings... He's probably there to further illuminate the dick in Evel Dick, who is a total dick, and whether he and Danielle's Tale of Disdain is genuine is hard tell, but Danielle's hair and DR's are just not working, not today at least.

I detect that the producers are promoting Brenchel, for ratings, maybe as the new-and-backwards Jeff and Jordan. CBS/Julie Chen has been gleefully reporting about their graphic (manufactured?) relationship problems, the very first HOH comp was a test of each HG's ability and willingness to cling to enormous bananas, the mere "I spend most of my time on bananas," and that the competition was biased toward those who are a-ok with straddling their partner's banana-gripping head, might it seem a little too convenient..? Wowlook, lightning-rodded Rachel won the first HOH, who knew!

I suspect Jeff and Jordan are locked in a showmance struggle of money, greed, abuse, power, ego, fame, with any luck actual drama will ensue! 
Cassi thinks highly of herself, Dominic may or may not have ever watched Big Brother, Lawon has moments of ~*sensational*~, Zookeeper will be this year's Luxury Comp's horrible movie, Shelly's not utterly heterosexual, and Porsche lies.

And the producers are giving that Golden Key quite the polish, for a good player it should be sorta natural to get to the final 10 out of 14, nothing soopernatural, right...?  Either way, the season has spark so far, so yay!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party Smarty

Anticipate being in L.A. on September 15th? Interested in building your Big Brother prestige? Why not consider investing in a Fan Pass to this year's Big Brother Wrap Party! Each Fan Pass provides full access to the post-finale event, full access to all the reality celebrities in attendance, and wow, full access to all the food there! Cash bar though. Most fans would pay $200, $300, even $FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for such an opportunity but with this special offer, you can purchase your Wrap Party Fan Pass for the low low price of $50.00! That's a steal, your PayPal account will think there's a mistake in your favor. Click now, though, this discounted price ends at midnight July 7. After that prices are raised to $65, which is still a good deal, I mean, you wouldn't want to miss meeting Ronnie would you? Your destiny with reality royalty is just a click away!
Brother 13 Wrap Party

Monday, July 4, 2011

I Read A Rumor

Many BB-dedicated sites and blogs are giving credence to a Twitter post from @CrystalEiserman (it's true, Google it) which reports that the 3 sets of HGs to return to the BB House are:  Jeff and Jordan, Dick and Danielle, and Brenchel.  I've read that Twitterer Crystal works at Real Player and that she's BFF's with Jeff and Jordan so in her tweet she tells us, she should know. You can read the rest of Crystal's Twitter account here, and you can read several sniggers and chorts re: Rachel + Dick Donato sharing a house all over the rest of internet.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hamster Infestation Begins

Season 13's eight newbies have officially entered the house and will be breaking it in until Thursday's premiere.  Internet speculation has it that 6 past houseguests will be added, we know we can cross Will/Boogie off the list and now Natalie has Twittered that she and Jessie won't be there (thank the godz.)  Some suspect sequestering as Jeff hasn't tweeted since the 29th and neither has Rachel, but Brendon has tweeted and I've read that Donatos have as well.  So who will be back???  Only Julie Chen and time will tell....

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Math, and the Wrath of a Certain Laugh

When you commit to leisure, sometimes math suffers which is what I realized as I wrung out my good sobbing hanky after learning that Dr. Will Kirby announced plans to never re-enter the BB house.  Still, no need to throw out your tv set, the good doctor makes it clear that he is happy to make other appearances just not competition based reality shows, all while making himself sound like a bit of a supersized douchebag.

So assuming he's for once telling the truth that is -1 option for Returning Houseguests for Season 13, and probably -2 if you count Mike Boogie as a human, which led me to discover that there's not just ONE pair returning, that there's 2 or 3 deuces returning (again, the math...all's I know is that there are 8 new HG's but haven't yet found confirmation of the exact total of HG's, that Julie Chen, she's just luvz dem twists!)

Alas with these numbers we viewers should each invest in a personal pair of iron earmuffs, with all the drama over Penisgate and tackiness in general, that cackle, those chinzits, they are all but guaranteed to return.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Not Chilltown

...but Libbytown!  Welcome to Libbytown's Big Brother Leisure Tours where fellow fans can check out the L-Town perspective on CBS's Big Brother 13 which starts Thursday, July 7.  I've been watching the show since Chicken George 1.0 and in promotional items may refer to myself as "we" but really it's just libble ol' I. Technically I am a fan of Chilltown, strongly enough to at onetime think I was shhh a secret member...

It may look like Janelle's chest, but really, it's just mine

...and even voted for Evil Dr. Will (and that other one) as my former HG choices for this year's twist, and you can too, just click here!  

Other possibly-returning duos include:

BB12's Brenchel (if the Chel half wasn't too much, Bren's, ahem, coziness with his Skype machine might.)

BB11's Jessie and Natalie (presently ringing in 1% of the vote, the mere sight of these two makes me gag for Lydia, gag!)

BB9's Evel Dick and Danielle (hrrrm...CBS's website has him listed as "Evil" Dick when I thought he owned the equity on the Double-E'd usage of BB devilishness, and I'm Facebook friends with him so I should know.  Ed. note:  Libbytown odds remain favoritively in favor the primeval evil, Dr. Evil.)

BB11's Jeff and Jordan (Oh, Jeevuz, I could handle Jeff all day long but no more Jordan pleez, I get impatient when it takes over 45 seconds to ooze out a 6 word sentence, also I was just reminded that Jordan won that season so yeah enough.   Presently they are, however, ranking first place.)

BB12's Hayden and Enzo (Brigade bros, I suppose in the manner of Former Brigade Bro, Matt, I could probably sheepishly admit I was a bit of Shirtless Hayden fan, but was never an Enzo fan so no.)

And there they are BB Fans of America.  The entries for Season 13's "Double Trouble" Twist, but alas, do not let the likes of Mrs. Moonves fool you into thinking that you can vote which duo should return, the good people at CBS have already decided that for us.  The votes are just to see who we fans think will return.  Bravo, enterprise!

And WTF, why did I hear for a year that this was going to be a full-on All Star season?